The Valerie Garmino brand is bathed in timeless appeal, classic aesthetic and sophisticated versatility. Widely renowned for its elegant twist to wardrobe essentials, Valerie Garmino garments highlight sensorial experiences of fabric and touch, while honoring cruelty-free practices standards.


The mission at Valerie Garmino is to celebrate the splendor of a woman. Every garment lends a passionate nod to her natural beauty inviting an intimate yet comfortable experience, with careful consideration to the complexities of the feminine silhouette.


Quality is a part of who Garmino is, it is in her DNA She travels around the globe seeking the most exclusive and comfortable premium fabrics. She approaches them like a specialist - studying their texture, origin, and environment. An ode to sophistication and elegance, Valerie Garmino's pieces are made with hints of modernity and great attention to detail.


In an effort to highlight and celebrate the woman's true, natural beauty, the designer focuses on creating patterns that enhance feminine silhouettes. Combining classic and clean-cut lines, the designer's intention is to create versatile, sexy, sophisticated and timeless pieces that you can wear season after season and pass generation by generation.

Creating Conscious

Valerie Garmino cares deeply about how animal's fibers are obtained and how people working in fabric production are treated. She maintains an unmatched standard of fair practice, which is one of the most important reasons why she travels and personally hand selects each fair trade and cruelty - free fabric in her line.

"I believe in another type of seduction, a seduction that comes not only from what you can see, but also from what you can feel"

Valerie Garmino