The alpaca produces a natural fiber that was recognized by the Incas as the "fiber of the gods," as early as 6,000 years ago. Premium alpaca wool has maintained an extremely high value throughout its enduring, centuries-old history. Original to the Andes Mountains, the alpacas' wool was considered so fine that it was used in the wardrobes of the tribe's royal families. Alpaca wool is recognized as one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world.

Coats, sweaters and scarves made from this material are satisfying indulgences that feel great and look luxurious. Premium alpaca wool is produced in Peru's Andean region where the government maintains strict laws designed to protect the species from endangerment. To look good is to feel good, and to feel good is to know where your clothes - and the fabric that made them - came from. And knowing this, Valerie Garmino has chosen to work with wool from this region to reinvent how fabric should feel.

Cruelty-Free and Fair-Trade Philosophy

Valerie Garmino ensures her fiber follows a steadfast, and fair-trade shearing process. Traditionally, the ritual of alpaca shearing is an annual process, and one in which the Andean mountain community pulls together to help one another. To get the best quality fiber, expert shearers are employed to maximize efficiency of this communal practice and to ensure the animals are well taken care of with the least amount of stress in order to get the best quality fiber.


The magical alpaca fibers boast a series of microscopic air pockets that insulate during winter and promise optimal, effortless breathability in summer. Much like Polar Bear fur, these air pockets trap heat, creating greater thermal capacity.


Premium alpaca wool is so versatile because of its delightfully lightweight composition. The microscopic air pockets that are part of its makeup help to reduce the weight of the luxurious alpaca fibers. This lightweight composition that makes it an all-season fabric, perfect from spring to summer and fall to winter.


Alpaca wool fibers are fine, lightweight and silky. However, this incredible fiber has unparalleled strength and durability. The alpaca is tough and strong, surviving long, cold Andean winters. So it's no wonder this fabric lasts longer than most any other luxury fiber, including other wools, cashmere and silk. With proper care, high quality alpaca apparel can become an heirloom that is passed down through generations.


Alpaca isn't itchy or scratchy to the touch, a credit to its tight density of fibers that leave it smooth and incredibly soft.

Everyday Elegance

Alpaca is an entirely versatile fabric that maintains all airs of elegance and femininity because of its streamlined and Aattering fit. An effortless addition to any outfit, alpaca is the soft texture that is both timeless and classic for al􀁌year wear. Plus, it's cozy to enough to wear indoors all on its own.

Baby Alpaca

Some of nature's finest work, baby alpaca wool is a soft-to-the-touch fabric that delivers a feeling of true luxury, and is thus an absolute essential for your year-round wardrobe. It's the mature alpaca that produces an impressive wool that is both reliable and versatile. But it's the baby alpaca that produces a wool of unparalleled luxury.

Baby alpaca wool comes from the first shear when the animal is just a baby. Usually this process takes place between the spring and summer time frame allowing them to be fresh during warmer weather. Soft and soothing to the touch, its fibers are warm and exceedingly genrle for any type of skins from the most delicate ones like baby skin to adult skin. Wearing a garment of baby alpaca isn't just a transporting experience of elegance, refinement and passion - it's pure magic.